Welcome to SunBlue Studio, which I named because I love sunshine, and blue is my favorite color, but mostly just because I like the sound of it. My studio is really just a small spare bedroom in my house. (Thank goodness children do grow up and move away!) It’s the place I go to create when I want to play and have fun. I work in acrylics and most of my artwork is either Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, or Lyrical Abstraction. My more representational pieces are usually of the ocean or an outdoor scene, but sometimes I get the urge to paint cute dogs and cats too!

When I am outdoors, I always have my camera with me, to showcase the splendor that my eyes behold. Whether I am at the beach or the mountains, that is where my soul rests, my heart sings and my creativity becomes unleashed. I try to take those feelings that  I get, while surrounded by nature, back home to my studio. Then I begin to paint.


 Nashua Area Artists Association

Hollis Arts Society

Art League of Lowell